daler mehndi

Balle Balle Usmaan Khan, says Daler Mehendi


He made his mark essaying Salman Khan in Quaidi No 210. Now, Usmaan Khan has donned a new hat, that of a composer. The first film in his kitty is Gabru Gang, an interesting film by director Sameer Khan on kite-flying, a sport that is not acknowledged as a sport. A heartwarming story of hi flying lads from Punjab to whom kite-flying is their life, Usmaan Khan got Daler Mahendi to sing the title track of the film. Says he, “I could think of no one except Daler paji. And he has done full justice to the song. I am very thankful to director Sameer Khan for his faith in me.”

Daler Mehndi returns the compliment, stating it was the power of the composition of Usmaan Khan and the lyrics by Sameer Anjaan that helped him infuse life into it. “It is a beautiful composition by a beautiful person. Hats off to Usmaan Khan!”. Gabru Gang is produced by Ashok Goenka and Arti Puri under the banner Om Suraj Films and Amritsar Talkies.