Can Befikre recover its 70 crore cost?


Aditya Chopra has stepped up as the director after nine years and made a love story worth Rs 70 crore with ‘Befikre’. Buzz is that the production cost was Rs 55 crore while the amount spent on publicity is Rs 15 crore. Last big release, Dear Zindagi’, barely managed to collect Rs 57 crore at the end of two long weeks. Hence it is questionable if ‘Befikre’ will be able to beat the Shah Rukh Khan starrer or not. Ranveer Singh has become Bollywood’s one of the much sought after actors but it remains to be seen if he shoulder it. Ranveer and Vaani Kapoor starrer ‘Befikre’ has released on 2,900 screens. A lot is riding on this romantic flick based in Paris.