Esha Gupta comes to the rescue of her female fan!


Esha Gupta recently attended an event in Delhi, and much to her surprise,  a large crowd gathered around her and fans were eager to meet her.

Apparently, the actress noticed a boy misbehave with a female fan. On seeing this, Esha immediately reprimanded him and left him with a warning.

A source informs, “When Esha walked in, it got crowded and security guards were called to control the fans. And when she noticed a guy misbehaving with a girl, she immediately addressed the issue, and even told the security guards to ask him to leave the venue.”

Esha confirms, “It was shocking to see the guy misbehaving with a girl who was a part of the crowd. All hell broke loose when he was trying to touch her. I immediately caught hold of him and warned him to check his actions or else I’d have to hand him over to the cops. When women are able to live in a safe and secure environment, they can participate effectively in the economy and society. Every woman and girl should be able to live safely within the vicinity of her home and outside as well.”