Is Hrithik Joining The ‘Brahmastra’ Franchise?


The makers of ‘Brahmastra’ and its cast are doing all they can to turn the film into a superhit. While the box office figure will speak for themselves, here’s another piece of news that’s making the rounds. Many who came out of the theatres after watching the film, more so the climax of ‘Brahmastra’, it was being speculated that Hrithik Roshan may feature in the sequel. On asking is he is in fact coming on-board, Hrithik hinted, “What is happening? Nothing is happening. ‘Fighter’ will start next and then there is potential for others to be made, (including) the one you spoke of. Fingers crossed.” Reading between the lines, Duggu seems to be hinting at him being in the next ‘Brahmastra’. The film is scheduled as a trilogy out of which Ranbir Kapoor-starrer ‘Brahmastra Party One: Shiva’ is still playing in theaters.