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Hrithik Roshan signs up for Rs 100-crore deal


Hrithik Roshan’s lifestyle and fitness brand HRX has indulged into a sweet deal, worth Rs 100 crore, with an innovative healthcare start-up! As part of the collaboration, Hrithik Roshan’s signature workout – HRX Workout – designed by him along with his personal trainer under his brand, will be made available exclusively at all of the start-ups fitness centers and eventually on the mobile app. This premium offering alone is slated to be a Rs 250 crore annual business! Hrithik says, “I strongly believe in the philosophy of healthy living, which is integral to brand HRX – it is not just about being fit, but truly undergoing a transformation in your lifestyle and understanding the connection between mind and body. I look forward to furthering the HRX vision through this partnership.”