John’s Take On Indian Superheroes

John Abraham came out to launch the second trailer of his upcoming action entertainer, ‘Attack: Part 1’. The film is a sci-fi actioner and talks about futuristic elements with a dash of drama. Talking about such films being made in Bollywood, John says, “We wanted to make a film where the world would say, ‘India mein bhi aisi films banti hain.’ We have seen films like ‘Avengers’ and ‘White House Down’. So why can’t we have something like that in India? ‘Attack’ is an answer to that.” This takes us to the direct comparison with the Western film world, more so with Hollywood, from where even the term Bollywood is derived. Talking about this comparison, John adds, “I want people to talk about the heroes and superheroes of India. They don’t wear their underwear on their pants, but they fight for the country.” ‘Attack: Part 1’ is scheduled to release on April 1st this year.