Kangana Announces Tejas Release Date

Fans have been waiting to see Kangana Ranaut in the role of an Air Force defence officer since the time she announced her upcoming film ‘Tejas’. Based on the name of an Indian fighter jet, Kangana revealed that the film will release on October 20th. “Honouring the bravery of our heroic Air Force pilots! ‘Tejas’, releasing in cinemas on 20th October,” she said. But what caught everybody’s attention was another post from the actress. Those reading between the lines said that Kangana took a cryptic dig at Hrithik Roshan, calling her film as, “India’s first aerial action movie.” While Kangana and Hrithik’s alleged love-affair controversy is well-known, many also know that the latter is working in ‘Fighter’ and the makers are touting that film as India’s first aerial action film. So for Kangana to say that it’s her film which is the first aerial action movie, is seen as a post against Hrithik Roshan.