Kausar Mohammed Leads the Cast of ‘Tasveer’


We are thrilled to announce that Kausar Mohammed has officially joined the cast of the highly anticipated independent short film, “Tasveer,” in the starring role of Noori. This film is proudly funded by RASA Film Group, a collective that is actively exploring projects featuring strong female protagonists, narratives centered around social justice and stories that portray Muslim characters in positive and empowering roles.

Written and directed by award-winning Dhwani Shah, “Tasveer” is a psychological horror which explores the ways in which women of color are fetishized for their ethnicity, and how perception plays a big part of one’s identity. Additionally, it focuses on what it means to be living with the crippling fear of being stalked, chased, surveilled, and followed. Told through the South-Asian perspective, this unique, female-driven narrative is a Proof-of-Concept for a horror franchise.

Sujit Chawla of the RASA film group shared, “We are excited to be partnering with Dhwani and her team on Tasveer. Dhwani is a singular talent and we hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership that will last for years to come.”

“Tasveer” lead Kausar Mohammed is no stranger to the world of acting, having garnered acclaim for her versatile performances across stage and screen. With a repertoire that spans from The Flash (2022), Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (2024), and Appendage (2023), she brings a depth of talent and experience to her portrayal as the lead, Noori, a young, Muslim woman of South Asian origin who’s just trying to make a living in New York City.

“We are beyond thrilled to have Kausar Mohammed on board for ‘Tasveer,'” said Dhwani Shah, the film’s director. “She has such gravitas and a deep, emotional intelligence that is perfect for Noori. I strongly believe in films that use culture as a catalyst for change, and not just as a crutch. South Asian or otherwise, a lot of people will identify with the themes we are exploring here.”

Kausar Mohammed’s involvement adds further momentum to “Tasveer,” which is already generating buzz within the industry for its groundbreaking, diverse and all-female Production Team. Mohammed’s casting is driven by RASA’s mission to highlight and elevate Muslim-American voices and representation on the screen.

“I love horror because it has the ability to humanize us through our fears,”  said Kausar Mohammed. “A story like this reflects back the very real “hauntings” we encounter as not only women, but Muslim women. I’m so excited to work with this brilliant team to bring this frightening — and salient — story to life.”

Production for “Tasveer” is currently underway, with filming expected to wrap in the Spring 2024. The film is slated for initial release through the domestic and international film festival circuit by late Fall 2024.

For more information about “Tasveer” and updates on the film’s progress, please contact more@waywardthree.com or @Tasveer_TheFilm

“Tasveer” is an independent feature film written, directed and produced by Dhwani Shah. Produced by Rohi Mirza Pandya and Myrta Vida. Executive Producers Lauren Bennett and Kausar Mohammed. Executive Produced by RASA film group. Director of Photography Felix Bailly. Set against the backdrop of the dark and desolate streets of New York City, it explores feminism through a womanist and intersectional lens, stalking, surveillance, and the supernatural. With a talented cast led by Kausar Mohammed and a compelling storyline, “Tasveer” promises to captivate audiences and spark meaningful conversations.