Lekha Washington’s art show preview: “The Nature of Things”


Mumbai, 17th July 2015: Last evening saw a glimpse into the mind of one of Mumbai’s most upcoming artists, Lekha Washington. An established actress, and product designer of ‘AJJI – The Odd Product Company’, Lekha showcased her intriguing art collection at the Sakshi Salon at Gauri Khan Interiors in Khar.


Commenting on the show, Lekha said, “Our relationship with what we consider to be nature is a complicated one, yet one that is hard-wired into the core of who we are and what gives us joy. Plastic toys are the closest some children get to interacting with animals, ocean sounds limited to soothers played at night. The Nature of Things explores the current state of our relationships with nature, and its relationship with us.”

Lekha Washington and Geeta Mehra, Director, Sakshi Art Gallery were seen hosting a high profile roster of guests from Bollywood and elite at the show. The very graceful Gauri Khan was seen at the event, congratulating the artist and offering her appreciation for the show.


gauri khan washington




Also extending their support at the show were Chetan and Anusha Bhagat, Brinda Miller and Monica Dogra among others.

chetan anusha bhagat


 About Lekha Washington:

Lekha Washington creates post-surrealist work, self-taught as a fiberglass and resin caster as early as when she was sixteen years old. She currently works in a variety of media, from heilum balloons to film, informed by her post graduate degree in film-making from the National Institute of Design and an eight year stint as a lead actor for regional language cinema.

She explores notions of being through her very conceptual work- strongly influenced by her interest in functional art. The notion of the idea above all else is what drives her work.

lekha art show