Lucky Ali’s Open Letter To Karnataka Police


Crooner Lucky Ali was in the limelight recently when he was spotted at a Goa beach recently by some of his fans. The entertained them with his all-time hits like ‘O Sanam’ and ‘Aa Bhi Jaa’. While that video is still fresh in the memory of many, Lucky Ali again latched on to a public platform to raise his concern about the land he owns in the state of Karnataka. He took to social media to bring to the notice of the police how some “land mafia” were usurping a parcel of his land on which he has a farmhouse and where his family is staying. In an open and lengthy post, Lucky wrote, “Dear, everyone, sorry for having to bring this to your attention… I wrote to the Director General of Police (DGP) of Karnataka. This is my complaint… Dear Sir, I am Maqsood Mahmood Ali, son of the late actor and comedian Mehmood Ali, and also known as Lucky Ali. I am currently in Dubai for work, hence the urgency. My farm, which is a trust property, located in Kenchenahalli Yelahanka, is being encroached on illegally by Sudhir Reddy (and Madhu Reddy) from the Bangalore land mafia. With the help of his wife, who is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer by the name of Rohini Sindhuri, they are misusing state resources for their personal gain. They are forcibly and illegally coming inside my farm and refusing to show the relevant documents. My legal counsel is informing me that this is totally illegal and they don’t have the court order to come inside the property as we are in possession, and living there since the past 50 years. I wanted to meet you before I left for Dubai, but since you were unavailable, we filed a complaint with the jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). I have not had any positive response as yet. My family and small children are alone on the farm. I am getting no help from the local police, who are in fact supporting the encroachers and are indifferent to our situation and the legal status of our land. Dear sir, I request your help to stop this illegal activity of them trying to prove a false possession before the final court hearing on December 7th. Please help us as I have no choice other than to take this to the public. With due respect, Lucky Ali (Maqsood Mahmood Ali)”

Though the singer had slipped into oblivion, leading a peaceful life away from the media, his resurgence with new music and his performance in Goa has been welcomed by fans.