Maniesh Paul Crushes On Jlo

We all know popular actor and host Maniesh is a goofy ball and always brings a laugh be it on stage or his social media. Maniesh has always kept his fans and followers amused with his sense of humor and interesting posts and stories. Recently, we noticed he has been posting pictures of Pop sensation Jennifer Lopez admiring her carefree style and persona. It is very well understood that our favorite Maniesh Paul has been crushing over JLo for sometime now in a really adorable and cute way.
Maniesh took to his Instagram and uploaded quite a few stories where he shows love for her hair and also in some pictures, he has used delightful emojis to express his eternal infinite love for JLO. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Jennifer notices his love and reciprocates with the same warmth!
Good luck Maniesh, we hope your fondness for Jlo keeps increasing with each passing day and we get to see some much needed smiles in the process.