Nawazuddin Birthday

Nawazuddin Celebrates Birthday With Son Yani


Nawazuddin Siddiqui celebrated his birthday at midnight with son Yani Siddiqui over a video call. Interestingly, the father-son duo’s birthday falls on the same date, May 19th, a fact which very few are aware of. Nawaz is put up at his hometown Budhana in the state of Uttar Pradesh and his wife Aaliya Siddiqui and son Yani are enjoying at their family’s farmhouse in Kasara, Maharashtra. But the geographical distance didn’t dampen their spirit to celebrate birthdays together through technology. As the clock struck 12, Nawaz joined his family’s celebration through a video call where they cut a cake which Aaliya had managed for Yani. Born in 1974, Nawaz turned 47 this year whereas his son Yani stepped into the sixth year of his life. Happy birthday to both!