‘Newton’ Movie Review


Rao is back…

Set in the backdrop of the General elections in the Naxal controlled area, the film is about one man’s experience with an alien concept called REALITY!

Much has already been said about this film now and the fact that it is the official entry to Oscar’s makes it all the more so special. Was it worth being chosen over Dangal and Bahubali 2 types is debatable.

So Nutan Kumar rechristens himself as Newton, an upright and honest citizen wanting to make a difference to society by doing the right thing. He is sent on election duty where he along with his team mates, under the guidance of his wise election officer, Sanjay Mishra (brilliant cameo) meet Asst. CO Aatma Singh (Pankaj Tripathi).

Where the film scores is in neither preaching nor downgrading the current system. It just shows it, as bland as that. No jingoistic discussions nor any Gandhi inspired non violence gyaan.

Rao was expected to and is terrific in the film. His irritation and frustration for being told to ‘adjust’ according to the day, against his ‘rule book’ and eventual outburst is in top form.

But the film belongs to Pankaj Tripathi. As the hardened 40 year army officer, he steals the show with his dry satire, often using Newton as his subject. His entire interaction with Newton and team or his superior cop (where he puts his shades down as a sign of hierarchical supremacy) or the fact that after fighting for the country against all odds in Kohima, Imphal and Srinagar, he still cant afford a bottle of olive oil for his daughter! The harsh reality of our armed forces, very subtly shown in the climax.

Raghubir Yadav is simply excellent and Anjali Patil is good.

The film with its abrupt end will leave you wanting, but I guess that’s what the makers wanted. For one to question.

Is it a brilliant film? NO. But is it a good film? DEFINITELY.