Akshay and Neeraj

No crack between Neeraj and Akshay


Back in 2016, we had informed our readers that Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar were joining hands yet again for a fast-paced thriller titled ‘Crack’. “I’m happy to share that after ‘Special 26’ and ‘Baby’, in 2017, I’m collaborating with Neeraj Pandey once again! This time, we come together for ‘Crack’ – A Neeraj Pandey film,” Akshay had tweeted back then. The film suddenly vanished in thin air without even starting, leaving their fans high and dry. People wondered if there was a crack between them and hence ‘Crack’ was put on the backburner. But not anymore. It turns out that the duo still wants to work together but are waiting for this or a different script to take shape. Neeraj and Akshay both became busy with their respective projects and hence have not been able to start work on ‘Crack’.