PeeCee’s Eastern Retreat


Priyanka Chopra gets a week off from her hectic Hollywood schedule, she flies back to India, shoots her endorsements, boards her chartered flight and heads for the eastern most state of India.

The global icon finds Assam a place to heal, both physically and spiritually. When she was in India last month, PeeCee took divine blessings from the famous Ma Kamakhya temple, tucked into a lot of local delicacies like fish in sour bambooshoot sauce, chicken with banana flowers and then squeezed time to see the famed Bihu dance.

The Quantico star is one of the few names that has walked the red carpets of almost all the prized occasions, hosted awards shows, won awards… and all in Hollywood.

Rooted in tradition, daring in her goals and with hard work and dedication, Priyanka Chopra has done it all on her own merit.

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