Randeep Hooda jails himself for Sarbjit


Omung Kumar’s upcoming biopic ‘Sarbjit’ has grabbed much attention ever since its announcement.  While audiences are looking forward to seeing Randeep Hooda, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Richa Chadda share the screen, Omung Kumar as director is adding to that mix. Randeep Hooda who is playing the protagonist’s role has stunned the audience with his exceptional look in the movie but not many are aware of the level of dedication the actor had given to get into the role of Sarbjit.

A source close to Randeep Hooda informed that weeks before he started shooting for the movie, the method actor chained himself with heavy handcuffs weighing approximately 2.5 kgs each to get into the feel of a prisoner.  It is well known that Sarbjit was trapped in a Pakistan jail for years but not many are aware that the innocent farmer was treated heartlessly. To understand Sarbjit’s pain, Randeep also made a dummy jail in an area of just 6×4 square feet where he spent his entire day, fully chained with minimum supply of food intake. The source adds that for he kept doing this for almost 15 days where he used to often be in complete darkness with no ray of light falling on him.  In spite of great irritation and pain, the actor didn’t give up in his self-made training and went beyond his limits to get the realistic performance on screen.

Talking about it, the director Omung Kumar said, “Randeep Hooda has given immense dedication and hard work to his character.  While he is well known for his method acting but I believe Randeep has given his entire heart and soul for Sarbjit.  The level of dedication needs immense acknowledgment and it would be visible to others too once the movie releases.”