Ranvir Shorey Car Impounded

Ranvir Shorey’s Car Impounded By Mumbai Police


Ranvir Shorey took everyone by surprise when he Tweeted to Mumbai Police that his car was taken into their custody. The actor said he had to step out to get his car back. Ranvir claimed, “My car being impounded for taking my household help for his wife’s delivery to hospital. Officer in charge says a child being delivered is not an emergency.” Ironically, Ranvir was made to sit for eight long hours to get the vehicle back. “After more than 8 hours, we have been let go. No FIR, car not impounded. Thank you for listening, albeit a bit late. I may have lost 8 hours, but not my faith in you,” he further Tweeted. In the chaos that ensued, he forgot to update about the help he offered to his domestic staff.