Richa Chadda’s lucky pick


Richa Chadda considers herself to be very lucky to have got the opportunity to play the role of Sarabjit Singh’s wife Supreet Kaur in the biopic ‘Sarbjit’. “When a film’s script is made from real life, it is very interesting. I am lucky that everyone showed faith in me,” says Richa. While Randeep had several bodily transformations to make for his character of Sarabjit Singh, Richa Chadda had to explore her emotional self. “The character of Supreet Kaur was not famous. I did not have to work on her body language and mannerisms but had to work internally a lot on it. In the end, as actors, we enjoy doing real and fictional characters.” ‘Sarbjit’ also stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the key role of his sister. The film is set to release on May 20.