Shahid Kapoor: “I Felt So Depressed After Watching Koi Mil Gaya”


Shahid Kapoor has already made it to the A-list actors’ category, but he is a huge Hrithik Roshan fan. Recently he spoke about it and said, “I remember I had just made my debut and went to watch Koi Mil Gaya. I came on a bike and left in a rickshaw because I felt so depressed about myself as an actor.”



Shahid is hugely inspired by Hrithik as he added, “Hrithik is amazingly inspiring. Seeing him dance is a learning experience every time. The amount of work he puts in is something amazing. I do get nervous every time I dance. Once in a while when you sit, stand, act or talk next to Hrithik Roshan, it just reminds you that you have a long way to go as a dancer.”


It’s so great to see the camaraderie between Shahid and Hrithik!