Sushmita Ends Speculations About Adopting Baby Boy

Sushmita Sen is a mother of two daughters, Renee and Alisah, both of whom were adopted when they were toddlers. On Wednesday evening when the trio posed for the paparazzi, Sushmita and her daughters were joined by a baby boy. Soon speculations arose that the ‘Aarya’ actress has adopted a son as well. Trying to read between the lines, fans immediately started showering the actress with love for adopting a third child. However, it turned out that the boy was Sushmita’s godson Amadeus and son of her close friend Sreejaya. The actress also clarified the same on social media later with a picture where she was “having a chat with her Godson Amadeus”. The actress also added that the picture was clicked by Amadeus’ mother Sreejaya.