When Taapsee celebrated her birthday on the streets of London

Taapsee Pannu’s last birthday was a memorable one as she celebrated it on the sets of ‘Dil Juunglee’ in London. As the actress turned 30 in August last year, she busied herself with the shoot of ‘Dil Jaane Na’ song for ‘Dil Juunglee’. “There we were, shooting for the song on the streets of London. I was completely engrossed in the moment and had completely forgotten that it was my birthday. No one around me also seemed to know about it. Somehow, eventually the crew got to know it was my birthday that day and we spontaneously decided to do something, right then and there. So we got into this rickshaw and just rode around the Piccadilly Circus area, shouting, laughing and screaming in the middle of the night! It really became a special night for me and one birthday I will never forget, ever,” recalled Taapsee. Since ‘Dil Juunglee’ also stars Saqib Salem alongside Taapsee, he also joined in the fun.