Vicky On Working With Katrina


It is very rare that real-life partners Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif talk about each other in public. So it came as a pleasant surprise when husband Vicky spoke about his wife on a YouTube show. When asked about working together in a film, Vicky promptly said, “I keep telling her that if we get any film, the characters should also be such that we are playing to our strengths. Where I will be the silent guy, you will be the talkative person and we are coming together! So we will go in sync with what works for us,” in the show ‘Be A Man, Yaar’. Continuing on the same lines, Vicky added, “On the sets, there will be two directors for me. One director on the set and then one director would be there who would come home and say that this was not right and that was wrong. And it should be like this and like that.” Vicky and Katrina tied the knot in December 2021 and since then the rumours of their working together are picking up pace as many fans want to see the real life couple in reel life.