Vivek Oberoi Inaugurates Artist Anita Goel’s Show


In a show titled ‘Avataran’, contemporary artist Anita Goel is showcasing her paintings that defy convention, at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda. ‘Avataran’, which translates to ‘the arrival’, denotes that Anita has finally landed on what she always wanted to express through her art. In the current exhibition, Anita has gone beyond the conforming barriers of regular shaped paintings and given life to her canvases in different forms. The expanse of her vision cannot be contained by square and rectangular-shaped canvases, and she has used the ‘Avataran’ series to give life to her dreamscape. At times, clad in different degrees of grey, white and black, at other instances, shining with colours that are as resplendent as a peacock’s plumage, each piece is as individualistic as it gets.

The path-breaking ‘Avataran’ show was inaugurated by none other than the maverick actor Vivek Oberoi alongside art enthusiasts Ajaykaant Ruia and Shhyam Singhania among others. Dressed in a Varoin Marwah artistic coat, an elated Vivek Oberoi expressed, “Art is very close to my heart. I love various expressions of Art. Anita Goel is an established artist; I have some of her works at my home. Her works are vibrant. Her current exhibition, ‘Avataran’, is an important one in Anita’s career as this shows her evolution as an artist. I like the creative disruption in her works. As artists, we all try to break out of set structures at some point or the other and that’s what Anita has so beautifully portrayed through these paintings. I feel this is an important exhibition, not just for Anita, but for Art on the whole in emerging India.”

Anita Goel’s Avataran will be on display at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda till 3rd January, 2022, daily 11am – 7 pm.