Karan Johar vs RGV – Round N


The verbal duel between Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Varma has always stayed out in the open. While they publicly fight over Twitter, both don’t hesitate a bit to take a dig at each other even at events. In another such incident, Karan, during a launch of a general entertainment channel, out of context and without provocation brought in RGV while handing over a gift to a cameraperson and posing for pictures with him. With Alia Bhatt on his right hand side and the cameraman standing to the left for the pose, he said, “Kya shot hai yeh. Ram Gopal Varma bahut khush ho jayenge is se.” (What a shot this is! Ram Gopal Varma will be very happy with it!) As the people gathered there laughed it out, it would be interesting to see what RGV says about this open strike on him. Stay tuned.