Ram Gopal Varma calls Rajinikanth fans dumb


Trust Ram Gopal Varma to spin a controversy out of nothing every time he takes to Twitter. The filmmaker posted a series of comments on Southern superstar Rajinikanth which stated, “This man, by being the biggest star ever, completely destroys the notion of looks being important for stardom. He is a bad looker, doesn’t have 6 packs, short with a disproportionate body and knows just two-and-a-half dance movements. Nowhere in the world a man, who looks like this, can be a superstar. I wonder what he did to God that God did this to him.” With these posts, Ram Gopal Varma invited the fury of Rajinikanth fans who trolled him on Twitter.

However, clarifying his stand at the trailer launch of ‘Veerappan’, RGV said, “Some of the Rajini fans are so dumb that they didn’t even understand that I was complementing him. If a very handsome man becomes a very big star, what is the big deal? It happens all the time. What Rajinikanth looks like and is a big star, it is a compliment. It means that God favors him much more than anyone else. But the dumb guys didn’t understand that it is a compliment.” Considering the controversy, RGV was asked if he would be interested in making a film Rajinikanth, he jokingly said, “I think Rajini fans will kill me if I make a film with him, unless those dumb guys are out, I am not going to go there.”