Anupam Kher As JP Narayan in ‘Emergency’


Kangana Ranaut is preparing for her upcoming film ‘Emergency’. The film is based on true events in India when the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had declared an emergency in the country and the events that followed. Revealing that she had roped-in Anupam Kher for her film, Kangana unveiled the actor’s look, “If there is darkness, there is light. If there is Indira there is JayaPrakash. Presenting Anupam Kher as the people’s hero, Lok Nayak JayaPrakash Narayan,” said Kangana. Interestingly, the actress is directing the film herself besides acting as the late Prime Minister. “JP Narayan was the most powerful human being to have happened after Mahatma Gandhi in politics in recent Indian history. The kind of influence he had on people was enormous. I wanted an actor who had the personality and calibre to match up to that larger-than-life persona of Lok Neta,” says the director. Ironically, the film is also written and produced by Kangana herself.