Arun Gawli’s daughter requests Arjun Rampal to change release date of Daddy

Arun Gawli’s daughter Geeta Gawli met Arjun Rampal and requested him to change the release date of ‘Daddy’, which is based on the life of her gangster-turned-politician father. Geeta feels that it will be auspicious to release ‘Daddy’ amidst the Ganesh Festival – an event that has been very close to Gawli’s heart. Geeta Gawli is hopeful that Arun will get parole in September and may come out and speak about the film with the audience. She said, “To see daddy in person and on screen is very different. I am really hoping that he gets parole at that time. I want the world to see the film and know the real daddy, who has been our pillar of strength for so many years. Over the last three years, Arjun has really understood my father and I really respect that he has kept his feelings in mind and made this movie while staying true to the ups and downs that he has endured in his life.” ‘Daddy’, which had an initial release date of July 21, will now hit the screens on September 8.