Ashutosh Gowariker calls 1300 dancers for Panipat song

Ashutosh Gowariker  believes in making everything grand when it comes to making historical films and ‘Panipat’ is no different. The film which is scheduled to release on December 6 will have as many as 1300 dancers performing in the song ‘Mard Maratha’! The film is based on the famous Third Battle of Panipat which took place in 1761. As many Marathas in the community worship Lord Ganesh people will see a huge idol in the background in ‘Mard Maratha’. To have the feel of authentic historical times, Gowariker called many lejhim (dance form) dancers from Maharashtrian-dominated area Pune and the shoot of this ‘Panipat’ song took 13 long days to finish. ‘Mard Maratha’ is scheduled to release today.