‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Movie Review


Writer -Director Joss Whedon bids goodbye to the Avengers series with this star studded, superhero packed sequel of the 2012 $1.5 billion hit Avengers. Will he be able to score over the first part? Will this product turn out to be better than the original?

It is a well documented fact that Whedon had a ‘’tiring’’ time during the making of this film. Be it the superstar egos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the sheer burden of making the sequel to the 2012 hit.  It is, what I assume, the overdose of all these big guys, added on by more super power wielding characters added to the script that finally got to him.

That is the problem with A: Age of Ultron. There is too much of everything and at time too little of the one thing that was most crucial in this ….a taut screenplay. Something which is so important in a film with so many characters.

I believe the X Men franchise handled the darker side of the superhero story best, a trend started by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series. But even Nolan couldn’t give it a befitting end. This is where I feel Ultron goes wrong. Terribly wrong. So I guess he just decided to give his soul to the devil and went ahead to complete this money making excuse of a movie and let the creativity be left for a future venture.

This is no way a bad film, let me tell you. Kids will love it. It is just not as satisfying as one expected it to be. As a matter of fact, it is purely that.

So we have the opening set piece where all the heroes get their ‘hero / heroine waali entry’ and a chance to show their powers to the ‘power hungry’ audiences. Then we add some more characters with more powers and put them on the wrong side of the ‘Avengers law’. Then we create some more trouble and then add some more characters with more powers to the already powerful superhero team.  Add a couple of back stories to the lesser known superheroes of part 1 (Hawkeye, Black Widow) and spruce it up with a story of pure love, which knows no boundaries. All this whilst more cities are destroyed, I love it when they do that without any human casualties shown or accounted for. In the end comes the biggest superhero of them all, the CGI. Which basically shows you what Marvel bosses can do with the money we paid them in Avengers, Captain America & Guardians of the Galaxy. So with the money that they collect with this sequel we will see more in Captain America Civil War, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2, which will fund the Infinity series then and so on and so forth.

Tired, don’t be, Marvel has their line up ready till 2019. Yes, so that’s more than many governments have.

I would suggest go with the flow and witness the scale of the film with its blaring soundtrack. Have loads of popcorn and ice tea.

Rating: 3/5

By: Yusuf Poonawala