Ayushmann Professor

‘Ayushmann’s Humility Is His Appealing Quality!’

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana is a thought-leader and a youth icon, who has been named as one of the most influential people in the world by TIME magazine for his social impact through cinema. This outstanding feat of the self-made actor, who has etched his name in the history of Indian cinema with his progressive, social entertainers, has made his college professor, Archana R. Singh, incredibly proud.

Prof. Archana R. Singh writes a blog which is aimed at her students and faculty and she has hailed Ayushmann’s TIME 100 inclusion in an article dedicated on him. Titled ‘What is success made of? Looking back at our own superstar Ayushmann’s tenure at SCS!’ (School of Communication Studies), Archana says, “Most important lesson is find humility in success. I remember the time when I had taken the whole class for a study tour of Delhi and we were visiting different media organisations. We had with us the fresh winner of Roadies and I was yet unaware of his new found popularity amongst the young crowd. As we passed a couple of girls in the corridors of Doordarshan Kendra, I overheard one of them whispering, “Look, that’s Ayushmann!” I was taken by surprise! I asked him, how do they know you? He simply flashed his dimpled smile and replied, “Ma’am, it’s the show. It’s very popular.”

She adds, “The second lesson here is that wear your success lightly. Even now Ayushmann always sends Teacher’s Day wishes, responds to every request I make such as to promote our School’s media fest, send video messages for his juniors, visit the department whenever possible, and play the guitar for us, record messages for Panjab University’s Community Radio Jyotirgamaya, whatever! He has never refused. This humility is his appealing quality. He is reaching for the stars but keeping his feet on the ground. This behaviour is appealing to his colleagues and some may call it good PR but I would call it Character!”