‘Azhar will tell stories of the locker room’

Emraan Hashmi as ex-Indian captain Mohd Azharuddin in ‘Azhar’ is gaining a lot of public praise. Ironically, eight years ago, Emraan played a bookie in 2008 hit ‘Jannat’. “I don’t know why I get only the controversial parts of cricket,” complains Emraan Hashmi. However, the actor promises that with ‘Azhar’, there will be a lot of inside stories revealed, “‘Azhar bhai has won matches for India for ten years and unfortunately he was caught in a controversy in 2010. So ‘Jannat’ was a starting point where I was playing a bookie, but ‘Azhar’ is one image of cricket which we don’t know, things that happen on the field and in the locker rooms. This film has indeed been an inspirational journey.”