Bollywood celebrities talk about what freedom means to them

Freedom means to be able to breathe, to be able to walk around. To be able to think. It means to just live life.
-Salman Khan
There should be freedom of expression and speech that are each person’s right.
-Nawazuddin Siddique
I am absolutely overly patriotic. I keep the Indian tricolour in my wardrobe. We forget that we need to do a lot for our country and we need to be responsible citizens.
-John Abraham
Freedom is something that today’s generation does not value as much as our freedom fighters did who struggled for us. We should value it more. I feel that if everyone starts thinking that the nation’s problem is my problem and that I should contribute to the solution, only then the country will move forward.
-Raveena Tandon
Freedom means freedom of speech. We always talk about freedom but it is the day we start realising that freedom is not just about what I want to do but also about the fact that what I am supposed to do as my duty. That is what freedom means in real sense.
-Yami Gautam