Caught in controversy, Sonakshi clears the air


Sonakshi Sinha was making news over the weekend, with the actress being accused of not performing at a Delhi event, despite receiving the payment. Hitting back at the organizers, a statement from the actress’ team read, “Sonakshi was approached by the event organizers in Delhi to attend an event. However, despite repeated reminders, the organised failed to make the payments to Sonakshi before the event as contracted. The tickets to Delhi were not in order/as were agreed, the organised also didn’t send return tickets for Sonakshi and her team, despite knowing that she had a shoot the next morning after the event. Due to a lack of commitment by the organised, Sonakshi and her team were left with no choice but to return home from Mumbai airport.” A cheating case and FIR were lodged against the ‘Dabangg’ actress on Friday at the Katghar police station in the state of Uttar Pradesh near Delhi.