‘Cointreauversial’ Evening with Alfred Cointreau in Mumbai


The young and dynamic custodian of the Cointreau family hosted by

renowned hair stylist Adhuna Akhtar of BBLUNT

Mumbai – India, 30 January 2015 – It could not get more stylish, glamorous and full of wit as Rukn Luthra, Managing Director, Remy Cointreau – India sub-continent and Gulf and celebrity hairstylist Adhuna Akhtar of BBLUNT, India’s iconic salon chain, jointly hosted a gala evening in honour of Alfred Cointreau, the 6th generation of a family dedicated to the legendary spirit – Cointreau, at Hakkasan, Mumbai on January 29, 2015.

The ‘Cointreauversial’ evening on Alfred’s first visit to tinsel town witnessed a gathering of Mumbai’s who’s who sipping signature cocktails like ‘One Night Stand’ and ‘Born Again’ especially created by Mumbai’s own Dimi Lezinska, who took inspiration from Adhuna’s BBLUNT salons and their vivid and quirky creations. Guests also got the opportunity to style their cocktails at the garnish bar with the creative supervision of Alfred Cointreau.

The event was attended by known socialites and glitterati. Among those who graced the evening were Adhuna’s better half, Farhan Akhtar, Zoya Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Tanvi and Baba Azmi, Dia Mirza, Aditi Gowitrikar, Sikander Kher, Sheena Sippy, designer Payal Khandwala, models Carol Gracias and Surily Joseph, Sam Ziza and Sujal Shah, Reshma Bombaywala and The Vault’s Keshav Prakash among others.

At the age of 28, Alfred Cointreau is the young and dynamic custodian of the more than 150 year old heritage of the finest French liqueur brand – Cointreau. In his role as a perfect Heritage Manager, Alfred is responsible for communicating the love of a job well done to Cointreau’s key advocates.

Sharing his passion for world’s favourite orange liqueur, Mr. Alfred Cointreau, Heritage Manager, Cointreau said, “I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and show appreciation for the Indian culture. On my first visit to Mumbai, it is a privilege to share the rich history and legacy of the iconic Cointreau brand, its unique know-how, and its importance as the heart of the world’s best cocktails with the leading bartending professionals and guests from different walks of life.”

“I am also pleased by the imagination and creativity that has gone into creating these superbly original cocktails inspired by Adhuna Akhtar’s BBLUNT. They complement Cointreau’s uber-chic and bold statement and are fitting additions to the bandwagon of premium Cointreau cocktails”, he further added.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rukn Luthra, Managing Director, Remy Cointreau – Indian sub-continent and Gulf expressed, “We are happy to welcome Alfred Cointreau on his second visit to India. His visit is an affirmation to the fact that India is an important market for the brand. Cointreau is best known as the key ingredient in many classic cocktails and is very well accepted by Indian consumers. Alfred’s visit has further helped us in building strong connections to adopt Cointreau’s spirit in India.”

Speaking on the occasion, Adhuna Akhtar said, Any mixologist worth their salt uses Cointreau to create curious cocktails; any stylist worth their shampoo uses BBLUNT products to create curious coiffure – why wouldn’t we come together?”