The Cumin Club New Product Launch


The Cumin Club – a nationwide 5-minute meal kit announced the launch of their highly-requested newest dish, the Hyderabadi Biryani at an event in New York City.  The company shared the news at a private dinner held at Lees Private Dining on Wednesday, March 15th, for food journalists and culinary content creators.

“We’re always striving to bring new and exciting dishes from different regions of India to customers’ tables. So we’re thrilled to announce the much awaited launch of the Hyderabadi Biryani, a recipe made with 15 different spices. Our team of culinary experts went through many iterations to perfect this recipe, and we’re sure this is going to be a customer favorite! says Ragoth Bala, co-founder of The Cumin Club. ”

The dining experience was an intersection of celebrating Indian food and art and was curated under the creative direction of Chef Dalia David and hyper-realistic artist Sarasvathy TK who loaned pieces from her private collection ‘Bhojan’.  Titled,  The Cuisines of India, guests were treated to a culinary journey to elevate their five senses.   The evening began with Pav Bhaji naan bites and Sabudana Salad plated on crisped rice paper, followed by Hyderabadi Biryani served with Peanut Salan, Methi Matar Malai in a cashew gravy and Dal Makhani with a dahi drizzle for the mains, and ended with sweet Gajar Halwa with a side of grape and starfruit granita.  The Co-Founders also presented a quick demonstration by adding hot water to Dal Chawal to showcase the ease and speed of preparing a full meal within minutes.

Harish Visweswaran, co-founder of The Cumin Club said “At The Cumin Club, we care deeply about food, culture and representation. Our NYC Dinner event was right at the intersection of all three of these elements. We thank all our guests for sharing a meal with us and helping us share our stories with the world. We plan to host many more such dinners in the future, across the US and the world.”

The Cumin Club currently offers more than 30+ dishes and a constantly growing menu, from over 8 regions across India.  The authentic, regionally-diverse Indian meals made in five minutes, start at just $4.99/meal and include everything from popular dishes like  Paneer Butter Masala and Dal Chawal to hard-to-find dishes like Aloo Posto from Kolkata.