‘I hope Sunny Leone wants to work with me’


Aamir Khan recently came out in support of Sunny Leone, when the actress was grilled about her past in an interview. Aamir says, “When I saw the interview, I felt bad the way questions were being asked to her. I felt hurt.”

Sunny was asked if Aamir Khan would want to work with her, and she had responded saying no. However, Mr Perfectionist was very open about sharing the frame with adult star turned Bollywood actress. “Why would she say that she may not get a chance to work with me? I believe that if the role and story are good and if we fit into it then I have no issues working with her. I have nothing to do with her personal life. She is a human being, a woman and I respect her as a person. I would definitely like to work with her and I hope that she wants to work with me as well,” concludes Aamir.