Kangana Indira Gandhi

Kangana To Play Indira Gandhi


Kangana Ranaut surely knows how to stay relevant and in the news. After a controversial lockdown period, the actress has hit the headlines yet again. Thankfully, this time it’s for work. Kangana is all set to play former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. She announced the film today with fervour, “Yes, we are working on the project and the script is in final stages. It is not a biopic of Indira Gandhi. It is a grand period film, to be precise, a political drama that will help my generation understand the socio-political landscape of current India.” The film is said to be a multi-starrer produced by her but, “I am looking forward to playing the most iconic leader that we have had in the history of Indian politics,” enthused Kangana. The film will talk about the emergency era and Operation Blue Star in the 1970s and 80s.