Kangana Reports To Police


Today, Kangana Ranaut visited the Khar Police Station in Mumbai in connection with the farmers’ protest. Kangana had compared the protestors and their agitation to a separatists group. A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against her and the fiery actress was to report to the police on Wednesday. While she skipped the Wednesday visit, Kangana appeared before the cops on Thursday. After coming out of the police station, she wrote one more post, “Another day, another visit to the police station. Hundreds of politically motivated FIRs and hours of questioning. This country continues to ill-treat and devalue nationalists. And if you love your nation, you are on your own against a very powerful enemy. Those in power would prioritise vote banks and for that, they can even encourage terrorism. So it’s a lonely road. And guess what? It’s alright!” Kangana ended her post with a hashtag Jai Hind. Of late the ‘Tejas’ actress is in the limelight by stirring up controversies left, right and centre.