Kangana Poetry

Kangana’s Poem ‘Aasmaan’

Kangana Ranaut has already proven her herself not just as an actor, but also as a Director with Manikarnika and writer with Simran and Queen. Kangana is currently in Manali with her family, and has been writing poetry during the lockdown.

She had earlier penned a poem for her mom on mother’s day, and has now launched Aasmaan, a poem which she has written, shot and features in. The poem uses Sky as an analogy for feelings we don’t acknowledge and how those give signs, but we choose to ignore. The poignant words strike a chord,and offer some much needed food for thought. The video has artistically shot in Kangana’s home, and adds a lot of depth and intrigue while still signifying freedom of thoughts. Aasmaan truly gives a glimpses into how Kangana’s art goes beyond acting, and also sheds light on her thoughts.