Mac Duggal Wows at New York Fashion Week


There were plenty of crowns and sashes in the standing room only crowd Saturday, February 11, at New York Fashion Week and there was plenty of glamour as well sitting in the seats along the runway.   Such a reception was not new to designer Mac Duggal as he runs the most sought after pageant and prom dress lines in the U.S.  Surprisingly, this unprecedented turnout was Mac Duggals first showing at New York Fashion Week. The spotlight for the evening was shining on Mac Duggal, who is the go-to designer for all fans looking for glamorous, gorgeous gowns with bling and an eye popping wow factor.

In addition to the expected gowns with lots of shimmer and bejeweled adornments, there was the unexpected.  This collection from Mac Duggal featured floor – length capes, unconventional slacks, shorts and even body suits. The collection unveiled in New York City for fall – winter is sure to keep Mac Duggals standing as the go-to designer for glamour.

Born in India, designer Mac Duggal’s enthusiasm for women’s couture fashion began with the merging of the colorfully vibrant designs of his homelands royal history and opulent traditions with a sophisticated and contemporary design aesthetic.  Having a long and rich history with his homeland Mac is never too far from the very culture that has inspired his life’s work.  Practicing a religion called Sikhism, ties to his cultural background are strong and run deep. Sikhism believes in one higher power and one higher consciousness, and that everyone is equal.  This is essentially the same as American values.  In an interesting twist of fate – it is these same values that have allowed Mac to not only weather the difficulties of moving to America, but have also allowed him to do it successfully while holding close to his heart his homeland

Arriving in the United States in 1983 at the age of 23, Mac began his road to success with his first collection, Creative Creations, a line of dazzling gowns blending Indian beauty and elegance with Western styling. Proud of his heritage, Mac Duggal has always designed using glorious fabrics and colors that are hot and spicy like the fashion and cuisine of his homeland.

The Mac Duggal brand further elevated itself with the introduction of designer couture gowns and pageant wear.  It was Mac Duggal’s high fashion prom dresses that made him at the forefront, and part of the foundation, of the emerging designer prom dress market.  It is the success of these first collections that won Mac Duggal the 1998 Diva Fashion Award for Designer of the Year in the Prom / Pageant category.  Mac Duggal is the sponsor of dozens of national and international pageant  titleholders including Miss USA, Miss America, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss Universe.  The one-of-a-kind styling  of these designer dresses are what launched the brand into the realms of evening wear for social and special occasions.

Today the Mac Duggal Design House continues to showcase seasonal collections known  for their entrance making drama, feminine detail and modern sensibility.  This understanding of the modern woman has made Mac Duggal a staple in Prom, Pageant and Evening wear spanning the globe in over 5 continents and 32 countries.

Mac continued his success  by expanding his collection to 12 distinct social occasion lines. This success is highlighted by the many awards throughout his celebrated career. With a history of innovation and success, the Mac Duggal brand has transformed into a highly sought after label courted by A list celebrities including Shakira, Carrie Underwood, Gwenyth Paltrow, Khloe Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and many more TV personalities, athletes, pageant titleholders and influencers globally.

In summer, 2017 the exhibit Many voices, one Nation will open at the Smithsonian national museum of American History in Washington, DC. This  permanent 20 year exhibiting will explore the complex history of American migration and assimilation and will do what the museum strives to do everyday generate curiosity, challenge accepted notions and bring people together through a new understanding of each other.

Because Mac’s leadership and worldwide generosity has influenced the global outlook of American companies and has been an inspiration to new generations of immigrants who continue to remake America. the Smithsonian has selected Mac Duggal as one of the handful of individuals to share their personal stories of challenge, risk and entrepreneurial success in this permanent exhibit in Washington, DC.

Mac currently resides in the Chicagoland area and is happily married to his wife Bubbly of 30 years. They have two children Daughter Ieena who has her own designer label- (IEENA for Mac Duggal) and son Yuvraj who is studying entrepreneurship at the college level.