Malaika Arora not producing Dabangg 3


Bigger the star, bigger the film. And bigger the film, bigger the news and gossip surrounding it. We are talking about Salman Khan and his upcoming Bollywood biggie, in the form of ‘Dabangg 3’, here. When all was well in the Khan family, Malaika Arora was to produce the film, starring Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Malaika’s husband Arbaaz Khan. Post their split, everyone wondered if the professional association would still remain, keeping in mind that the monies riding on such projects are unusually high. But that doesn’t seem so. Malaika will neither act nor produce ‘Dabangg 3’, snapping all ties with husband Arbaaz and the Khan family. This clears the air once and for all that after drifting away from each other in 2016, and subsequent divorce in 2017, Malaika may not want to commit personal or professional life, lest ‘Dabangg 3’.