‘My name did not change after marriage!’


Shortly after completing the shoot of “Tumhari Sulu”, Neha Dhupia, who plays Maria, Sulu’s radio boss, invited her co-star and new friend, Vidya Balan on her much – discussed celebrity show, “No Filter Neha”.

The conversation between the two was as fun, no-holds barred and uncensored as it could get.

When asked if a “shaadi” had any “side effects”, Vidya said, “I don’t think I’ve experienced any. My name did not change. I didn’t let it. My address changed, for the better. I’d never lived with anyone before so I wondered how it would be to share the same space, but we’re quite alike, so it’s fun.”

Years back, when Vidya had “No One Killed Jessica”, “The Dirty Picture” and “Kahaani”, she was called a Khan. She laughed, “At a press conference after The Dirty Picture Ekta (Kapoor) called me Vidya Balan Khan and that became a thing. At that point I didn’t realize what it meant and I turned around and said, I am Balanyou can probably call them whatever Balan instead!”

Vidya was true to Sulu’s character of a candid, outspoken woman who is keen to take a shot at anything in life. In the film, she plays a housewife who ends up as a night RJ on a popular radio station. Her new avatar changes her life.

Tumhari Sulu releases worldwide on November 24.