PIL In Ranveer Singh’s Nude Photo Controversy


Ranveer Singh’s controversy of a nude picture on the cover of a magazine just refuses to die down. It has been almost 20 days and the episode is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. The Calcutta High Court has now received a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requesting it to direct the authorities to seize the particular issue. The July 23rd issue of the international ‘Paper’ magazine published Ranveer’s photos in birthday suit, including the one on the cover. Advocate Nazia Elahi Khan has pleaded that the pictures are “obscene” as per the opinion of “the public at-large”. She has also requested that the magazine’s website be blocked in the state of West Bengal. A few police complaints and First Information Report (FIR) have already been lodged against the actor in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Though any action against the actor or the magazine is still awaited.