Prakash Raj Vs Vivek Agnihotri On ‘The Kashmir Files’


Controversy on the Vivek Agnihotri directed ‘The Kashmir Files’ is just refusing to die down. If it was not enough that recently a volcano had erupted on the film based on the Pandits of the Valley, and the ashes from it had engulfed the world with divided opinions, Southern actor Prakash Raj has now jumped into the fray. Talking at an event, Prakash Raj said, “‘The Kashmir Files’ is one of the nonsense films, but we know who produced it. Shameless. International jury spit on them. They are still shameless. The other fellow, the director, is still asking, ‘Why I am not getting Oscar?’ He will not even get a Bhaskar.” Not gelling his comments well with the maker, Agnihotri shared a video on his own Twitter and retorted, “A small, people’s film, ‘The Kashmir Files’ has given sleepless nights to Urban Naxals so much that one of their Pidi is troubled even after one year, calling its viewers barking dogs. And Mr Andhkaar Raj, how can I get Bhaskar, she/he is all yours. Forever.” The film starred Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi and Mithun Chakraborty among others.