Did Ranbir Kapoor make Rishi Kapoor angry?


Rishi Kapoor can go on a banter on Twitter and can get even with people trolling him. Off the virtual world, he lost his cool at a recent event. What made Rishi Kapoor angry was a general mention of his dearest son Ranbir Kapoor. When Sr. Kapoor was asked what Ranbir was up to these days, he sarcastically replied, “It feels great to be in front of a battery of camera and people asking me such questions. I have got a young man who wants to know about my son and not about me. You should be asking questions about me. When I am here for an occasion, you ask about me and not about my son.” Ranbir Kapoor has been making news in Bollywood because of his breakup from Katrina Kaif earlier this year.