When Randeep Hooda slipped into depression


Randeep Hooda believes in going the extra mile to convincingly play his characters. For the role of Sarabjit Singh in the film ‘Sarbjit’, the actor chained himself, spent hours in the bathroom and tried to write letters like Sarabjit used to. Playing this intense character had its own side effects on the actor. Randeep says, “There was a big hangover after ‘Sarbjit’ because of the involvement that was required in the film. It all lingers on. It has happened before as well. After ‘Highway’, I was depressed for a long time. I had to tell myself that I am not a petty taxi driver and that is not my life. Nobody loves me like the characters in the film. You have to go through such things at times.” Randeep not just underwent extensive understanding for the character in ‘Sarbjit’ but also rapidly lost a lot of weight.