Ranveer Singh adds Lamborghini to his car collection


Ranveer Singh is a fan of cars. In 2017, he gifted himself a super-sexy all-white Aston Martin which would have set him back by about Rs 4 crore. He took Deepika Padukone on a late night drive in this Rapide S model and even asked the paparazzi to stay away from it at the airport in a separate incident. Now, Ranveer has purchased another set of hot wheels. The actor was recently seen driving a red-colored Lamborghini on the streets of Mumbai. The particular model Urus, by Lamborghini, is touted as the world’s first SSUV – Super Sport Utility Vehicle. Ranveer was seen driving the car by some of the on-lookers, who claimed that he was yet to get the permanent registration plate. Lamborghini Urus might have cost Ranveer about Rs 3 crore.