Sunaina Roshan calling Kangana to apologize?


Controversy refuses to part ways from the Roshan household. While Sunaina Roshan has publicly revealed that she is getting little support from her family, Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli has added to the drama. Rangoli, in a series of  Twitter posts, shared how Sunaina has been calling Kangana to reconcile with her. “Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan has been calling and messaging Kangana and me only to apologize as she didn’t stand up for her (Kangana) when Hrithik framed her.” Rangoli went on to add how Hrithik is falsely trying to implicate his sister, “When Hrithik found out, he and his PR tried to prove her as bipolar on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Poor lady was so hassled with all the public shaming and blaming.”