Remo D’Souza’s Brother-In-Law Passes Away


Remo D’Souza’s brother-in-law Jason Watkins, passed away today. Remo’s wife Lizelle D’Souza informed about Watkins’ demise through her Instagram Story. Sharing pictures of her brother, Lizelle wrote, “Why? How could you do this to me? I will never forgive you.” She also shared their childhood picture as well as one with their mother in which Jason is visible. “Am sorry, mum, I failed you,” she added in the last photo. The reason behind Jason’s passing is yet to be made public as neither Remo nor his wife have come out to talk about it. Jason was seen on the sets of many Remo D’Souza directorials and assisting him in his work. He was found dead in his apartment which falls in the jurisdiction of Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai.