Salman KRK

Salman Khan Takes On KRK

Salman Khan recently released his film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ in theaters and on an OTT platform. And even before the film was released, critics had started panning this film after watching its trailer. The Internet was also abuzz with poor feedback on the big-ticket flick post its release. One of such self-proclaimed critics, Kamaal R. Khan, better known as KRK, didn’t shy away from talking negative about ‘Radhe’. KRK is also known to slam Salman on many occasions in the past. But this time around, Salman has sent him a legal notice along with filing a case in a Mumbai court. In response, Kamaal Khan Tweeted, “Respected Salim Khan sahab, I am not here to destroy Salman Khan’s films or his career. I review films just for fun. If I know that Salman gets affected by my review then I won’t do it. If he could have asked me to not review his film, I wouldn’t have done it.” Appealing further to Sallu’s father Salim Khan, KRK said, “Therefore, there is no need to file a case to stop me from reviewing his film. Salim sir, I am not here to hurt anyone. So I won’t review his film in the future. Please ask him to not proceed the case. I will delete my review videos also, if you want. Thank you, Salim sahab!” Salman and his team are yet to talk about the case.